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On Sunday 7th March, after almost a week of unusual activity, it became evident that Wunderbit had been hacked and trades were entered that were not in line with the Blue Sky Breakout strategy.

Blue Sky Breakout Action

  • We had been monitoring this issue fairly closely and made the decision to shut down all bots (and therefore copy-trading) as soon as it was evident that there were some major issues stemming from Wunderbit.

  • We have temporarily turned off bot walkthroughs on the website to prevent new users from signing up.

  • We have sourced a new (and superior) platform to continue automatic bot trading and have been working tirelessly to get it up and running as quickly as possible, and ensuring that all code, security and functionality is thoroughly understood.

  • We will continue updating as to the progress

Further Commentary

It goes without saying that this is a really disappointing situation. Until now, the bots have been working relatively seamlessly, with considerable success, and given the early stages of business that Blue Sky Breakout is in, it feels like a pretty major set back. The positives are that given the extent of influence the hackers had over trades, things could have been considerably worse. This event has given us pause to reset and find a superior platform with more functionality, support and security.

Unfortunately it is still likely that are copy-traders will be affected by this event in some way, either through a (hopefully small) loss from a hacked trade, or by virtue of the fact that some successful trades should be entered at the moment but are not due to bot shutdown. For this we are very sorry. Wunderbit has indicated that there will be some kind of compensation for trade losses directly due to the hacking. Please capture screen shot of any affected trades and send through to them.


Thank you for your understanding so far and please reach out if you have any questions. 

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