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Create an account on the FTX exchange.

Note: You will need to agree to FTX Terms of Service.

The above link will get you 5% off trading fees 👍

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Deposit your fiat currency (aka your $AUD, $NZD, $USD etc) to the exchange.

For more information on how to deposit fiat to your FTX wallet, click here 

Alternatively, deposit your cryptocurrency to the exchange.

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The Dollar Bot trades in the Perpetual Futures Markets and uses collateral from the account to make the trades.

Our recommendation is that you use USD stable coins as the collateral due to it's stability. In addition, any profits from the bot trades will be accrued in USD.


Alternatively, you can store any cryptocurrencies on the exchange (i.e. BTC) and it will then use this as collateral.

Note: The obvious risk here is that if BTC drops, your account collateral also drops and you could quickly face liquidation if the bot trades then become negative.


For more information on how FTX perpetual markets work, go here

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For those that already have an FTX account, create a sub-account by going to the 'Settings' tab and transfer funds here that you want to allocate to the bot. This then isolates a sub-account for linking up with the bot (we suggest you name it Dollar Bot or something similar). 

Note: Feel free to manually trade or hold other coins on your main account or other sub-accounts. 

Now activate an API on your chosen sub-account by heading to Profile > Settings. New users can just link up their newly created main account.

Scroll down to the API section and choose: Create API Key for chosen account.......

You will need to use this API to connect your account to the Wunderbit Platform. 
Note - Keep the Secret Key to yourself and do not share with others

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Create an account with Wunderbit

Note: You need to be 18 years or older and agree to the terms and conditions of the site.


From the Wunderbit menu bar, choose the 'Copy-Trading' Tab.

Here you need to select your role as a Trader or Copy-Trader.


Choose COPY-TRADER to activate the ability to Copy the Blue Sky Breakout Bots.

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From the Wunderbit menu bar, choose the 'Settings' Tab.

Now select the API tab and add your newly created API from your Binance exchange.

Wunder API.png

On Wunderbit, head over to the Market Place and find the DOLLAR BOT under the Blue Sky Breakout profile.

Hint: Use the Filter tool to simplify your search. Choose FTX as the exchange and USDT as the base currency. (The base currency says USDT but as mentioned, you can choose whatever currency you want and we suggest the USD stablecoin basket).

Search under the Traders API Tab to find it. Then hit FOLLOW.

Dollar Bot.png

You are now copying the DOLLAR BOT!

Stay up to date with bot activity and notifications on Blue Sky Breakout social platforms.

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​​​It is now up to you to manage your own funds


  • Monitor the trades on YOUR OWN Wunderbit account and YOUR OWN Binance account.

  • You are in complete control of your own funds and can turn off the bot at any time or withdraw your funds at any time.

  • Keep up to date with the Blue Sky Breakout social channels for any updates, changes or maintenance regarding the bots.  

  • Any help or questions, reach out to Wunderbit, Binance, FTX or the BlueSkyBreakout team for help. 



Final thoughts


The team at Blue Sky Breakout are bullish bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The long term charts are impressive and the fundamentals behind the space are always improving. That said, the market is extremely volatile and Bitcoin alone has had more than a few 80% corrections since the beginning, so be warned.

Our recommendation (noting we are not financial advisors) is that if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, spend your first steps researching and understanding what this technology represents and its use case. Then if you are comfortable with a long term strategy, diversify into long term holdings of Bitcoin or some other well researched Altcoins, then if you feel comfortable on the exchanges and understand how trading works, set aside some capital for other trading systems, whether it will be trying your hand at manual trading, or letting the Blue Sky Breakout automated trading bots do this for you. 


Please don’t take any risks you cannot afford to lose and remember, the market will always be there and with each new day comes a new opportunity. If you think you've missed the boat or are too late for cryptocurrencies, ask around and see how many people you know have some. Then decide if you are late or not. 


Good luck.

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