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Technical Analysis Support 

  • Trend analysis

  • Key levels and pivots

  • Wave theory and count

  • Volume and oscillators​

Crypto Setup and Support

  • ​How to purchase crypto​

  • How to use exchanges / wallets

  • Resources

  • Education

Trading Mentorship

  • Trading plans

  • Trading execution

  • Strategy refinement

  • Diversification refinement

What is Technical Analysis:

Technical analysis is a technique that traders or investors use to identify the strength and potential future price of an asset using chart analysis. There are a variety of assets that can be plotted and analysed on charts including cryptocurrencies, shares, metals, bonds, indexes etc.... basically anything that has a value over time. 

Blue Sky Breakout offers a variety of technical support for cryptocurrencies, global share markets and commodities, both short and long term. 

Important: Blue Sky Breakout consultancy does not offer financial advice and we recommend you seek the services of a professional financial advisor if required.

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